Online Taster and Connection Check Up’s

These are 15 mins. and FREE. This offer is available to all new online students who would like to have a chat about lessons and test out online connections. It is always advisable to do this before signing up for regular music lessons to ensure the quality is of a high level on both sides to ensure the best environment for lessons is achievable.


All new students will need to register to take lessons with us via the Student Portal. Registration can be located on our website home page www.pianoacademy.org.uk. Simply click on Register Here. Once you have registered, one of our tutors will contact you to get you booked in on our student diary. Before you start your tuition your tutor will send you a helpful guide detailing how to get the most from your lessons.

Bookings & Cancellations

Lessons can be booked on a repeating weekly basis or on an ad hoc agreement. Once the lesson is booked then it is understood that payment will be required for this appointment. Click here to login to our student portal 

If you need to cancel a booking you can do this easily via the portal. We do have a 24 hour notice cancellation policy. Giving notice will enable you to claim a "Make Up” credit. You can use this credit to book another appointment time without any further charge. Make Up credits are valid for use for up to 60 days. If the booking is cancelled without 24 hours notice then unfortunately you will be charged in full for the booking.

Cooling-off Period

The student has a legal right to cancel this agreement under the
consumer contracts regulations act. During the cooling-off period if the student changes their mind or decides for any other reason that they do not wish
to continue, the student can notify the teacher of their decision to cancel the agreement and receive a refund for any lessons paid for but did not receive prior to that cancellation. The cooling-off Period starts from the date of this agreement and ends 14 days later.


It is very important to consistently attend your lessons as this will help with motivation and progress. Even if you have not had a good practice week attending lessons is always a good idea to re-establish goals and objectives.

It is important that both student and teacher adopt a professional manner during online lessons and courses. We request that students arrive or are at their workstation and logged into the waiting room 5 minutes before their booked appointment. Along with instrument and music set up and ready to go.

For online lessons dress attire and behaviour should be appropriate to an education environment. To achieve the best results during an online lesson, rooms should be quiet and minimal to help maintain concentration.


Our studio operates lessons all year round. However if you wish to book holidays from lessons then please ensure this is communicated to your teacher with at least a weeks notice so that lessons can be deleted from the diary to ensure no charge is applied.

Teachers will also let students know in advance if they have holiday time booked in the diary.

Invoice & Payments

As listed above, lessons are charged at the time of booking. You can choose to pay after each lesson or wait to receive an invoice. Invoices are sent via email on the 30th monthly. Payment is required in full within 7 days. You can make payment via the Student Portal using a credit card or Paypal. Your invoice will be itemised and a receipt will be issued at the time of payment.

Also on the portal you can also sign up for "AutoPay". This means that your invoice will be automatically paid and a receipt issued on the 30th of each month.

 If you have any queries with regards to your invoice please don’t hesitate to speak to your tutor.


If you choose to take music grading exams then your tutor will expertly guide you through this process. Exams are help throughout the year and exam fee’s are set by, and paid direct to the examination board.

Payments are to be made in full before the closing date and are non refundable. Exams can be face to face, online or by video recording. Again your teacher can help and advice you with what is best for you. For more information visit our Exam Page


After each lesson, notes will be written up by your tutor in the student portal. You can also request that these are emailed to you immediately at the end of your lesson. They will outline what was worked on during the lesson and what should be focus on for that week. You can also view all previous lessons notes in the student portal.

If any sheet music / worksheets / audios / videos are needed for that weeks study then these will be assigned in the Online Recourse section of the Portal. You will be given access to view and download files where appropriate. Assigned sheet music may be printed however it should not be photocopied or distributed to third parties.

On occasions your tutor may recommend that you externally purchase essential study and exam books. These will be discussed in lesson and recorded in lesson notes.

Our teachers are happy to discuss your child's progress with you at any time but we do request that you make an appointment for any lengthy discussions, due to our teacher's schedule. If you have any questions or queries between lesson appointments please feel free to call or email and your tutor.

Shows and Performance Opportunities

Online shows are held throughout the year. Performance opportunities can help develop self- esteem and confidence. Participation is optional but generally encouraged. Students who are not performing at a show will be invited to attend.

We may require to take photos and videos of students performing online and post them on our website and/or social media pages. If you would prefer not to have you or your child's photo/video captured online then please let your teacher know 


Students safety is of the utmost importance to our studio. All of our tutors hold current, enhanced DBS certificates and undergo Safeguarding Children Policy training annually.

To ensure everyone's safety online we will only use our secure Student Portal for written correspondence, payments and video lesson links. This means that all communication is able to be viewed by both parties at anytime.

For students under the age of 18 all communication will be directed or copied to the parent/ guardian. With parental/guardian permission, students aged of 12 years and over can request for lesson notes and online resources to be sent direct to them via a student email.

Parents will always be able to view all communications at anytime via the student portal. Our Student Portal and online lesson links may only be accessed once registration is complete. An email will be sent prompting you to create your own password to be able to login and gain future access.

If you have any further questions, please contact us on Tel: 01754 763022 or email info@pianoacademy.org.uk.

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