Singing Lessons

Junior Singing Lessons

  • Junior Singing Age 7-18 years
  • Beginners to Advanced Level
  • 30mins/45mins depending on experience
  • Help improve confidence
  • Breathing technique, range and control
  • All music styles covered, classical, contemporary, pop, theatre and jazz
  • Learn just for fun or to achieve qualifications and improve performance
  • Other activity opportunities available: Junior Pop Choir

Adult Singing Lesson

  • Adult Singing age 18 +
  • Beginners to Advance Level
  • Help improve confidence 
  • Breathing technique, Range and Control
  • All music Style covered, classical, contemporary, pop, theatre and jazz
  • Learn just for fun or for qualifications and improve performance 
  • 30mins/45mins depending on experience
  • optional performance opportunities 
  • Other activity opportunities: Just Sing Ladies Choir, Chamber Choir

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