Best Age To Begin Piano Lessons

When is the best time to begin Music Lessons?

According to research, budding musicians can fulfil the benefits of playing piano from as young as 4 years of age! Numerous studies have shown that having Piano lessons can enable children to develop hand-eye coordination, concentration, and listening skills… All great strengths that can promote their academic learning! 

Our Mini Mozart lessons are tailor made to suit children aged 5-7 years with an enthusiasm for music!

During lessons, our tutor incorporates Music Theory with the first stages of learning to play the Piano.

Our Mini Mozart Students enjoy building on their Music Theory knowledge with enticing games and activity books - especially the sticker books!

The real excitement starts when our students can put their knowledge into practise on the Piano! From as young as 5 years of age your child can begin to read music and play tunes with the help of our colour coordinated sheet music and learning the importance of hand positioning.

So, if your child is 5-7 years and excited about making their own kind of music contact us today to find out more about our Mini Mozart Lessons or to book a discounted £7.00 Trial Lesson.

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